Fun facts about ZTA at Illinois State University




Erin Andrews graduated with a degree in telecommunications from the University of Florida in 2000. She was also a former Zeta Tau Alpha!




As of 2011, ZTA is the largest sorority on Illinois State University's campus with a total of 112 members.








ZTA has one of the highest GPAs at Illinois State, ranked 4th on campuss.




At ZTA's 2008 National Convention our chapter was named a Silver Chapter, one of the highest honors a Zeta chapter can recieve. We were awarded the National Council Special Recognition Silver Award in the area of recruitment




Hallmark uses the crown as it's symbol because the wife of a previous CEO was a former Zeta Tau Alpha.



Also at the ZTA 2008 National Convention, our chapter was awarded the Crown Chapter Award, the Financial Excellence Award, the Quota/Total Award, and the Helping Hands Award.

ZTA won third place this year in March Madness. We took second place in 2010, and in 2009 and 2008 we stole the show with two back-to-back first place wins! Check out the "March Madness" tab under the photo section to see photos and a video of our performance.


ISU Zetas love to show their Redbird Pride at sporting events! 

To learn more about the events we participate in on campus and within the greek community, check out the Events tab on the left hand side of our web-page.

A former Zeta Tau Alpha was involved in the making of The Little Mermaid.  The symbols throughout the movie are related to ZTA. For example: King Triton has 9 daughters; we had 9 founders. All of the crowns on any of the royalty have 5 points; our symbol is the 5-point crown. Arielle's hair is Strawberry red; strawberries are one of our symbols. Finally, her fin is torquoise which is one of the ZTA colors.