Go Greek!

Zeta Tau Alpha is part of the Panhellenic Association at Illinois State University

Why should people go greek?

"I can honestly sit here and say that I have never formed better friendships in my entire life.  Day in and day out these women amaze me by the loyalty and trust they provide to me.  No matter how big or small my problem may be they are always there to catch me when I fall, no questions asked.  My secrets? Always safe. My bad break ups? Always fixed by a sister simply reminding me that I'm never alone. My mourned loss of a loved one? Always surrounded by hugs and kind words promising they will be there for me rain or shine. This will forever be the greatest experience in my lifetime, and I'm so happy to say I became part of something that will leave my heart feeling full forever.  I urge people to join a sorority not because it's the cool thing to do or because everyone else may be doing it but because it can change your life. - Christine Miller (Historian)


"The reason why I chose to go greek is not only because of the community service, leadership and scholastic opportunities, but also to know what it really feels like to be a part of a sisterhood. Every girl in my chapter is different, but we all share a common bond that brings us close together. I know that when I leave Illinois State University, these girls will always be in my life and we will continue to create memories beyond college." - Aimee Halden






"It's not friends, it's family.  The type of bonding that we have assures me that I could literally tell them anything and not think twice about it." - Lauren Bernier (Fundraising Chair)






"Going greek is beneficial because it not only allows you to become close with all the sisters in your house, but it also allows you to gain leadership knowledge outside of the classroom. You make lifelong friends within the greek system and outside of it, give back to the community by doing community service events together, and you build lifelong memories with everyone involved." - Melissa Mickelson (Former President)

"Going greek becomes your home away from home, whichever house you choose the girls you live with literally become your family." - Joanna Mizera


"I have been involved in many things throughout my life, but this triumphs everything.  Not only have I gained the women who will remain my best friends till I'm elderly and can't stand up on my own, but I've gained a learning experience.  Zeta influences me to improve my time management skills as well as become more involved within my school and the local community.  Overall, it's not only a positive emotional experience, but it is also a positive learning experience." - Andrea Darimont (Scholarship Chair)

"It is a great idea to go greek because you are able to meet many new people. Also, the opportunity to meet an assortment of friends is at your fingertips.  I have been able to meet many great friends that I know I will be life long friends with." - Meredith Eisen




"Zeta Tau Alpha is my home. My sisters influence me to seek the good in life, and they always help me strive to be the person I want to be. It helps to always have study buddies and a support group that enables me to stay motivated through my difficult college courses." - Courtney Smith




"The sisterhood I get out of being a part of this sorority is outstanding.  I have met my best friends, and they will always be my best friends. You will always have a sister to talk to, and they will always be there for you. I LOVE MY SISTERS!" - Angela Chinino (Panhellenic Delegate)